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  • Mother sits on the floor with two young daughters, flipping through a book while using Storypod. Engaging in audio experiences is one way to make reading fun for the reluctant child.

    8 Ways to Make Reading Fun for the Reluctant Child

    Reading is a vital part of a child’s future success in life, so it’s easy to understand why parents are so keen on making sure their little one is spending time with books. Despite best efforts, however, some children may show a  limited interest in literature. But, with a few creative tips and techniques, you can have even the most reluctant child finding a love for reading in their own special way!

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  • Happy little girl chases bubble outside

    Why Showing Gratitude at Home is Important for Raising Happy Children

    Science has shown that consistent practices in gratitude can reduce stress and increase overall happiness. Because children are so apt to imitate their parents, showing gratitude at home will instill habits in your kids that will affect their happiness throughout their lifetime. How does this simple habit make such an impact? Read on to find out!

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  • Child sits on a deck drawing with sidewalk chalk. Using fun materials is a great way to incentivize your child to practice writing.

    7 Fun Ways to Practice Writing Without Paper & Pen

    Expressing ideas, making meaning, strengthening fine motor skills, and practicing phonological awareness —- the reasons to practice writing are numerous and compelling. And while workbooks and good, old-fashioned paper and pencil have their place, finding fun ways to practice writing with young children is a great way to grow a love and aptitude for this very important skill. Read on for a few creative ideas to make writing practice entertaining!

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  • Storypod Stages Diagram

    Listen, Learn, and Grow with Storypod

    Here at Storypod, we are parents, educators, and caretakers who are constantly looking for new ways to support our children's early childhood literacy development while keeping them engaged and interested.

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  • Mother and 5-year-old son sit at counter discussing the book they are reading with the help of Storypod.

    How to Strengthen Your Child’s Literacy Skills in Everyday Conversations

    Does your child ask you “what does that mean?” when they hear you talking to others? That’s fantastic! It means your child is developing strong vocabulary building skills. Vocabulary building is when your child knows the meanings of words, the names of things, feelings & ideas and is learning the meanings of new words.

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  • Six-year-old girl flashes a big smile while playing with her curly hair. A child's 6th year is marked by an increase in independence and rapid development of mental skills.

    Exciting 6! Here’s What to Anticipate in the Upcoming Year

    Congratulations! Your child has entered “middle childhood” and there’s much to look forward to as they continue to grow, develop, and become more independent. Their time at school is sure to foster more substantial friendships and expand their understanding of the “bigger world” around them. It’s an exciting time, so read on to discover more about what to expect this year!

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  • Excited baby boy holds present in front of Christmas tree.

    Managing Excitement: Helping Your Young Child Regulate Big Holiday Feelings

    Children are naturally enthusiastic, so it’s no surprise that excitement runs high when the holidays come around. While your little one’s excitement may be one of the best parts of the season, there are times when these feelings can become too intense and lead to agitation, hyperactivity, and even disappointment. Look out for the signs of overexcitement and try out a few strategies when your child’s big holiday feelings start to get a bit out of control.

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  • Mother and child cuddle in bed while reading "The Adventures of Craftie Fox" with a Storypod nearby.

    Why Does My Child Like Reading the Same Books Over and Over?

    As adults, we crave variety. Anything that breaks up the monotony of life is a welcomed thing. So it may be a bit perplexing when your child asks to read the same book night after night or listens to the same songs on repeat. You may wonder if it gets boring or even if your child is getting enough exposure to new learning experiences.

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  • Young girl smiling with a blue shirt and necklace

    6 Simple Games to Strengthen Reading Skills at Home

    Whether your child has just started discovering their letter sounds at home or is learning to read and write at school, you can support their reading development by playing simple games that require little to no prep.

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