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  • Mother joins her child as she engages in an educational audio experience through Storypod.

    Breaking the Screen Habit: The Transformative Potential of Audio Learning for Kids

    In a world dominated by screens and digital devices, it's becoming increasingly challenging for parents to navigate the best educational experiences for their children, especially those in the critical developmental stages of ages 1-6. While technology undoubtedly offers many benefits, there's growing concern about the potential negative impacts of excessive screen time on young minds. This concern has sparked a resurgence in the popularity of screen-free learning approaches, with a particular focus on the power of audio learning.

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  • 7 Summertime Adventures and Activities for Kids and Families to Enjoy

    7 Summertime Adventures and Activities for Kids and Families to Enjoy

    It’s summertime! With your little ones out of school for the season, keeping them entertained and learning for months on end may seem like a daunting task. Here at Storypod, we understand. As financial stressors continue to be felt by families across the globe and many exhausted parents are struggling to navigate year 3 of the pandemic, we’re here to shine the light on some clever, budget-friendly, and easy adventures and activities!

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  • The Pandemic Has Changed Children’s Learning Culture

    The Pandemic Has Changed Children’s Learning Culture

    As we navigate a constantly changing world together, especially with the extensive cultural changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to provide young children with as much support as possible, especially with Social-Emotional Learning.

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  • The Benefits of Spontaneous Family Dance Parties!

    The Benefits of Spontaneous Family Dance Parties!

    We all know that those little wiggle worms like to boogie down to a good tune. We do too. But did you know that taking the initiative to bring spontaneous family dance parties into your little one’s life has all kinds of benefits?

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  • What is “Social-Emotional Learning”?

    What is “Social-Emotional Learning”?

    Children think and learn better when they are well regulated and competent in social-emotional skills. Focusing on SEL at home and at school yields positive outcomes in adulthood. Caregivers can help their children build social-emotional competence by recognizing and addressing their children's cues and by meeting their emotional needs.

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  • Nurturing the Whole Child

    Nurturing the Whole Child

    American education was established long before the study of human development surfaced. It was not until recent decades that research began exploring connections between children’s academic, social-emotional, and cognitive development as well as physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

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  • Little boy celebrates winter solstice with a walk in the snow.

    Celebrate the Winter Solstice with These 5 Science-Centered Activities

    Winter solstice occurs on December 21st this year and heralds the official start of the winter season. Although it’s the “shortest” day of the year, it’s often celebrated as a hopeful occasion because each following day grows longer with a bit more sunshine than the last. Being an astronomical event, it’s a great day to engage in a few science-based winter activities your child can learn a lot from!

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  • Young boy helps family by decorating Christmas tree.

    6 Charity Projects for Children 6 and Under to Try During the Holiday Season

    As the season of giving makes its way around, many families choose this time to reflect on what they have and those who may not be as fortunate. It’s a great time to create charity-center traditions that will teach children important lessons about gratitude, giving, and compassion. The earlier your child can learn these values, the better, so read on to discover a few simple charity projects that allow you to involve the youngest members of the family!

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  • Multi-sensory Christmas themed art supplies lie scattered on a table while a pair of hands curl ribbon.

    5 Easy Winter Art Projects That Will Boost Multi-Sensory Enrichment

    As the holidays approach, everyone is eager to make their contributions including the tiniest members of the family! Creating art projects that you can display as a part of your decorations or give away as gifts is a meaningful way to involve your child in the spirit of the season, but can also teach them that the holidays are not just about consumerism. Read on to discover a few simple art projects that will not only make your child swell with pride but will boost enrichment by engaging the 5 senses!

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  • Happy, stuffed reindeer sits on chair awaiting to be given as a gift.

    7 Ways to Get into the Season of Giving with Your Family This Year

    Teach your children that the spirit of the season lies in the giving rather than the getting this year through a few fun, easy, and satisfying charity-centered activities and projects that the whole family will enjoy! Traditions that center around generosity are a great way to instill the values of selflessness and compassion at an early age and are sure to make an impact that will last a lifetime.

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  • Child in costume holds a jack-o-lantern

    6 Halloween Themed Enrichment Activities to Promote Learning

    Enrichment activities are learning opportunities that “extend” knowledge beyond what’s taught within regular curriculum. They give children the opportunities to be creative and explore, and are a great way for them to discover new interests.

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  • Family walking down a nature path surrounded by falling leaves

    10 Autumn Enrichment Activities to Pair with Your Readings This Season

    Enrichment activities are experiences that extend a child’s learning in various areas and help them to strengthen their skills. They are a fantastic way for children to discover new interests and are important for creating a positive attitude toward learning.

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