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  • Excited baby boy holds present in front of Christmas tree.

    Managing Excitement: Helping Your Young Child Regulate Big Holiday Feelings

    Children are naturally enthusiastic, so it’s no surprise that excitement runs high when the holidays come around. While your little one’s excitement may be one of the best parts of the season, there are times when these feelings can become too intense and lead to agitation, hyperactivity, and even disappointment. Look out for the signs of overexcitement and try out a few strategies when your child’s big holiday feelings start to get a bit out of control.

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  • Young boy sits on bed with holiday lights reading a classic Christmas story.

    5 Enrichment Activities to Pair with Classic Holiday Readings

    From music to movies, flavors and foods, Christmas time brings with it so many lovely holiday traditions, including the classic stories that families look forward to hearing year after year. Create further learning opportunities and new traditions by pairing some of the most popular Christmas tales with enrichment activities that will expose your child to new ideas!

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  • Happy, stuffed reindeer sits on chair awaiting to be given as a gift.

    7 Ways to Get into the Season of Giving with Your Family This Year

    Teach your children that the spirit of the season lies in the giving rather than the getting this year through a few fun, easy, and satisfying charity-centered activities and projects that the whole family will enjoy! Traditions that center around generosity are a great way to instill the values of selflessness and compassion at an early age and are sure to make an impact that will last a lifetime.

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  • 3 Types of Toys You'll Want to Avoid Gifting to Young Children

    3 Types of Toys You'll Want to Avoid Gifting to Young Children

    There’s no doubt that watching little faces light up as they open their gifts is one of the greatest joys for adults during the holiday season. While you want to give them something fun and exciting, keep a few things in mind while shopping for the child in your life to ensure that you’re picking toys that are beneficial, safe, and easily accessible.

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  • Multi-sensory Christmas themed art supplies lie scattered on a table while a pair of hands curl ribbon.

    5 Easy Winter Art Projects That Will Boost Multi-Sensory Enrichment

    As the holidays approach, everyone is eager to make their contributions including the tiniest members of the family! Creating art projects that you can display as a part of your decorations or give away as gifts is a meaningful way to involve your child in the spirit of the season, but can also teach them that the holidays are not just about consumerism. Read on to discover a few simple art projects that will not only make your child swell with pride but will boost enrichment by engaging the 5 senses!

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  • Young boy helps family by decorating Christmas tree.

    6 Charity Projects for Children 6 and Under to Try During the Holiday Season

    As the season of giving makes its way around, many families choose this time to reflect on what they have and those who may not be as fortunate. It’s a great time to create charity-center traditions that will teach children important lessons about gratitude, giving, and compassion. The earlier your child can learn these values, the better, so read on to discover a few simple charity projects that allow you to involve the youngest members of the family!

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  • Little boy celebrates winter solstice with a walk in the snow.

    Celebrate the Winter Solstice with These 5 Science-Centered Activities

    Winter solstice occurs on December 21st this year and heralds the official start of the winter season. Although it’s the “shortest” day of the year, it’s often celebrated as a hopeful occasion because each following day grows longer with a bit more sunshine than the last. Being an astronomical event, it’s a great day to engage in a few science-based winter activities your child can learn a lot from!

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  • Scones, teacups, and a holiday candle sit atop a wooden table.

    Embracing a Multicultural Holiday Season in Your Home

    One of the most beautiful things about the holidays are the traditions that help us feel connected with our families and our heritage. While it’s great to keep the rituals we hold dear alive in our homes, wouldn’t it be great to take the time to learn about the varied beliefs and practices of those around us? As our communities continue to become more diverse, it’s important for our children to grow up cognizant of the people and customs that, together, make the world an interesting and beautiful place. Consider the following tips to embrace a multicultural holiday season in your home this year!

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  • Toddler girl sits on mother's lap, reading, while mother holds book and Storypod's Craftie Fox

    Why is Rhyming Such an Important Early Literacy Skill?

    Children love to rhyme. From catchy tunes to silly poems, the rhythm and sing-songy tones that naturally come out when rhyming are fun and do wonders for engaging their little minds. But did you know that rhyming is also an important part of learning how to read?

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  • Toddler sits on bed with book on his lap and a Storypod beside him

    Leaning on Illustrations to Strengthen Reading Comprehension Skills

    While, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” may be an old adage that holds true in some cases, it turns out that when it comes to actual children’s books, illustrations may play a bigger role in early literacy than we think. Everyone knows that illustration does wonders for capturing attention and engaging the minds of our little ones.

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  • Happy little girl chases bubble outside

    Why Showing Gratitude at Home is Important for Raising Happy Children

    With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the question, “What are you grateful for?” is on everyone’s mind. It’s a wonderful time of year to reflect on the things we’re lucky to have. And while it’s great to take part in this practice at least yearly, science has shown that consistent practices in gratitude can reduce stress and increase overall happiness.

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  • Sister kisses little brother on the forehead to make up after a conflict

    Teaching Conflict Resolution to Kids

    Although many of us would rather avoid it, the truth is that conflict is a normal and even healthy part of life. Navigating these uncomfortable situations is inevitable for everyone, including children. As with many things, the skills required to deal with these situations come with practice.

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