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  • Toddler and mom listening to stories on the Storypod

    Milestones of Language Development in the First Two Years

    The early years of your child’s life are an integral time for speech and language development. Like crawling before you walk, speech requires a combination of milestones that eventually build up to understandable language. The first two years are an exciting time in which your little one will go from babbling to speaking 2-3 word phrases.

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  • A group of children sit on a slide at a playground, smiling at the camera

    3 Easy Ways to Support Your Pre-schooler’s Social-Emotional Development at the Playground

    Does your pre-schooler pretend to be a space explorer? A dinosaur? A princess? Playing pretend is great news. It means that your child’s Social-Emotional Learning is thriving. Social-Emotional Learning is when your child uses information, skills, and mindsets to form healthy identities, understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve their own goals, feel and express empathy, form and maintain healthy relationships, and make responsible decisions.

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  • Connecting Social-Emotional Learning, the Pandemic, and Great Children's Books

    Connecting Social-Emotional Learning, the Pandemic, and Great Children's Books

    As adults, our own lives and routines have been turned upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, our children’s worlds are being formed during this massive global change. What little routines many young children may have been able to establish in their lives pre-pandemic are different now. Change is a part of life, but we need to consider how to actively support the needs of our children in the midst of so much social change and upheaval.

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  • Balance Your Own Screen Time to Better Balance Your Child’s

    Balance Your Own Screen Time to Better Balance Your Child’s

    We all want the best for our kids. We want them to learn well, to be healthy, and to develop a strong sense of wellbeing that will guide them throughout their lives. It can be easy to forget how observant children are, after all: Everything is brand new to them. They are taking it all in and processing information about what shapes their world.

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  • Screenless Parenting: How To Entertain & Educate Your Kids Screen- Free

    Screenless Parenting: How To Entertain & Educate Your Kids Screen- Free

    Parenting is a rollercoaster that loops its way through joy, love, and education. Every day you teach your child through action and language. Tactile games are useful tools to help your child learn new skills but with the continuous development of child-friendly computer and phone applications, children are now spending countless hours glued to their devices. It is easy to give your child your phone or iPad but it should not become a routine action in times when your child is acting out.

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  • A red and gold Chinese toy dragon hangs, suspended on strings. Dragons represent good luck, strength, and health in Chinese culture and is one of the common symbols seen on Chinese New Year.

    Learn About Chinese New Year with These 6 Activities!

    Chinese New Year  is a celebration of the lunar new year and is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture. Celebrated by millions all over the world, it is a time for families to come together, honor their ancestors, and welcome in good luck and fortune for the year ahead. The beautiful and unique traditions associated with this holiday are perfect for teaching children about different cultures in a way that’s educational and fun!

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  • Young boy sits at table with a Storypod and a book. Reading is one of the five important educational routines to start in the New Year.

    5 New Educational Routines to Start in the New Year

    The education your child receives at home is some of the most formative he or she will receive, as it creates a foundation for future learning and reinforces any lessons that may have been given at school. Use the motivation that many experience in the New Year to create some simple, but fruitful, learning routines that will serve to progress your child’s educational development. These educational routines do not need to be complex or rigorous to be effective. Simplicity and consistency is key to garnering long-term results!

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  • Martin Luther King makes his speech during the March of Washington. Listening to his "I Have a Dream" speech is one meaningful way to celebrate Martin Luther King Junior Day with your kids.

    5 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Your Child This Year

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day to honor the life and work of the monumental leader who played a key role in the American civil rights movement and the advancement of civil rights for African Americans. Taking a bit of time to reflect with your family on MLK Day is important because it serves as a reminder of the progress that has been made towards achieving equal rights and justice for all people, and it encourages continued efforts to promote these ideals. Furthermore, the earlier children become familiar with the values associated with equality the more likely they will carry these values with them later in life. Below are a few meaningful ways to celebrate MLK day with your family this year.

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  • Young boy sits on bed with holiday lights reading a classic Christmas story.

    5 Enrichment Activities to Pair with Classic Holiday Readings

    From music to movies, flavors and foods, Christmas time brings with it so many lovely holiday traditions, including the classic stories that families look forward to hearing year after year. Create further learning opportunities and new traditions by pairing some of the most popular Christmas tales with enrichment activities that will expose your child to new ideas!

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  • Scones, teacups, and a holiday candle sit atop a wooden table.

    Embracing a Multicultural Holiday Season in Your Home

    One of the most beautiful things about the holidays are the traditions that help us feel connected with our families and our heritage. While it’s great to keep the rituals we hold dear alive in our homes, wouldn’t it be great to take the time to learn about the varied beliefs and practices of those around us? As our communities continue to become more diverse, it’s important for our children to grow up cognizant of the people and customs that, together, make the world an interesting and beautiful place. Consider the following tips to embrace a multicultural holiday season in your home this year!

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  • A mom reads the Spike audiobook with her young son while her daughter holds a Storypod

    Guided Reading Activities for Babies and Toddlers

    Guided reading is an approach to storytime that promotes engagement and comprehension. It encourages thinking while listening and helps kids make stories more meaningful by making connections.

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  • A young girl laughs and plays the drums as her friend sings into a microphone

    How to Support Your 5 Year Old’s Social-Emotional Learning Through Singing, Dancing, and Play-Acting

    Does your 5 year old want you to watch plays they’re putting on, listen to them sing, or watch them dance around? This is actually an important milestone for their Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Social-Emotional Learning is when your child uses their skills to form healthy identities, set and achieve their own goals, form and maintain healthy relationships, and make responsible decisions.

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