4-Year-Old boy listens to an audio book with headphones. There are many fun ways to practice active listening skills!

10 Activities to Practice Active Listening

Listening is an essential communication skill that is crucial for success in both personal and professional life. The ability to listen actively and attentively helps in understanding others, responding appropriately, and building strong relationships. Naturally, it is important to start developing listening skills from an early age. Here are ten activities that parents can do with their young children to practice listening skills:

  1. Reading together - Reading books together with your child is an excellent way to practice listening skills. Encourage your child to listen carefully to the story, and ask them questions about what they heard. You can even invest in audio book experiences so that your child can listen to a story whenever they please. Check out Storypod's audio book library for selections that are perfect for your 4-year-old!
  2. Playing "Simon Says" - This classic game is an excellent way to practice listening skills. Children have to listen carefully to the instructions and follow them accurately.
  3. Listening Walks - Take a walk with your child, and ask them to pay attention to the sounds around them. After the walk, discuss the sounds they heard and where they came from.
  4. Storytelling - Encourage your child's active listening skills by telling a story together. Start the story and have your little one add on to it. They'll have to listen to what you're saying carefully in order to keep the story going. Model good listening skills as you hear what your child has added to the story and then continue with your contribution. Your child will love this activity as it's a great way to bond together. This will encourage their narrative and language skills, as well!
  5. Music and Songs - Listening to music and singing songs are excellent ways to practice active listening skills. Encourage your child to pay attention to the lyrics and try to sing along. Storypod has a wonderful library of sing-along Crafties intended for this purpose!
  6. Board games - Board games that require listening skills, such as "Guess Who," are great activities to practice listening skills with your child.
  7. Charades - This game requires players to listen carefully to the feedback given by their teammates as they try to guess the word or phrase they're trying to act out. It's a fun way to practice active listening!
  8. Puzzles - Believe it or not, you can practice active listening skills without any talking! Completing puzzles together requires concentration and focus, which are important aspects of listening. By practicing these skills through different avenues, you are encouraging your child to extend them to multiple aspects of their lives.
  9. Cooking or baking together - Following a recipe together is a delicious  way to practice listening skills. Your little one will have to listen carefully to the instructions you're giving to create their culinary delights. Try something simple like cookies or a parfait!
  10. Drawing or painting together - Try this simple listening-centered art activity. Describe a scene very specifically to your child, one step at a time, and see if they can replicate it with crayons or finger paints. You can say, "I'm picturing a big, yellow sun in the sky. Underneath there is green grass and purple flowers. On top of the grass there is a brown dog and an orange cat." Again, be sure to give the instructions just one at a time. When you're done, tell them to show you their masterpiece. Be sure to praise them for being such a wonderful listener!

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