A colorful children's abacus sits on a table. There are many fun ways to practice addition and subtraction with your kindergartener.

Easy Addition & Subtraction Games for Kindergarteners

Your kindergartener will begin learning about basic addition and subtraction within 10 this year. While it can be a challenging task for many, these mathematical concepts can be easily mastered when practiced through interactive and engaging activities. Check out a few easy addition and subtraction games for kindergarteners that can help them master these fundamental math skills!

  1. Number line game - This game is a fun way to teach addition and subtraction using a number line. Draw a number line outside on the ground using sidewalk chalk and have the children stand on it. Call out a number and ask the children to jump forward or backward by a certain number of steps. For example, if you call out the number 5, the children can jump forward five steps. If you call out the number 2, they can jump backward two steps. This game helps children understand the concept of adding and subtracting on a number line.
  2. Dice game - This game is a fun way to teach addition using dice. Roll two dice and ask the children to count the total number of dots. For example, if you roll a 3 and a 4, the total is 7. Ask the children to say the addition equation, such as "three plus four equals seven." You can also ask them to write the equation on a whiteboard or a piece of paper. This game helps children improve their addition skills and strengthens their ability to recognize numbers.
  3. Counting game - This game is a fun way to teach subtraction using counting. Place a bowl of candies or small toys in front of the children. Ask them to count how many items are in the bowl. Then, ask them to take away a certain number of items and count again. For example, if there are ten items in the bowl, ask them to take away three items and count again. This game helps children understand the concept of subtraction and teaches them to count backwards.
  4. Balloon game - This game is a fun way to teach addition using balloons. Blow up several balloons and write a number on each one. Scatter the balloons around the room and call out simple addition and subtraction problems. Have your child find the balloon with the correct answer on it.
  5. Parking lot  - This little game is sure to be a hit because it incorporates a childhood favorite: toy cars! Grab 10 toy cars and designated a small space on the floor to be the "parking lot". Give your little one easy addition and subtraction problems (within 10) and have them "drive" the cars on and off of the lot to find the solution. This practice can be a great introduction to word problems, as well, if you accompany the equations with little stories like, "Two people drove to the grocery to buy bread. Later, 3 people also came to the store to buy ice cream. How many people are at the store?"

Learning addition and subtraction can be a fun and exciting activity for kindergarteners if they are taught using interactive and engaging games. By making math enjoyable, children are more likely to develop a love for the subject and become confident in their ability to solve math problems!

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