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Daniel Tiger "Feelings"

Songs, Stories, & Activities About Emotions

Ages 2-4
40 minutes
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Content Summary

Take a heartfelt journey with Daniel Tiger as he navigates through a spectrum of emotions.

Each card dives deep into a specific feeling, using an episode from Daniel's life to depict real-life situations that children might encounter. Not only will kids recognize their own feelings reflected in Daniel's experiences, but they'll also be equipped with meaningful strategies and songs to help them express themselves. 


  1. Disappointed (9:40)
  2. Sad (9:14)
  3. Jealous (8:28)
  4. Mad (10:47)
  5. Mixed Feelings (9:34)

Learning Topics

  • Recognizing & Naming Emotions
  • Healthy Emotional Expression
  • Understanding & Empathy
  • Strategies for Emotional Regulation
  • Validating Feelings

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