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Dreamscapes: White Noise

A Blanket of Calm

All Ages
150 minutes

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Content Summary

Tune into tranquility with Storypod's "Dreamscapes: White Noise." This token provides a continuous, soothing white noise audio track, designed to promote an environment conducive to restful sleep and relaxation for your child. This token is perfect for establishing a calming bedtime routine, helping children who have difficulty sleeping, or providing a consistent audio background during nap times.

White noise is a soft, consistent sound that helps to block out distracting noises, allowing your child to focus on relaxation and sleep. This token provides a palette of calming noises, including white noise for a high-frequency hum, pink noise for balanced frequencies, brown noise for deeper, low-frequency sounds, and green noise mimicking serene natural sounds, like rustling leaves. This token fills their space with this peaceful auditory blanket, devoid of jarring sounds or sudden changes. 


  1. White Noise (29:58)
  2. Pink Noise (29:58)
  3. Brown Noise (29:58)
  4. Green Noise (29:58)
  5. Fan Noise (29:58)

Learning Topics

  • Understanding Different Sounds
  • Importance of Calming Noises
  • Ways Sounds Help Us Relax
  • Types of Soothing Sounds
  • Using Sound for Better Sleep

About Tokens

Tokens are collectable magnetic tiles that delight kids with songs, stories, and learning content when tapped on The Storypod ✨

Storypod Tokens are tested and appropriate for children 18 months and older. However, adult supervision is advised for all children under 3 years of age.