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Letters & Calm Learning Set

1 Year, 9 Months Old – Set 5

Explore the magic of letters and the tranquility of calm with the 'Letters & Calm Learning Set,' a collection that combines the foundational steps towards literacy with the soothing elements of music, supporting both educational and emotional growth.

Teaches About:

  • Recognizing and associating letters with common foods
  • The world of classical music
  • Cultivating an early love for melodies and rhythms
  • Building a foundation for literacy through auditory cues
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While Storypod Audio Content can be enjoyed by children of all ages, children under 3 years old should only use Storypod under adult supervision.

In this Learning Set

  • Teo the Dreamy Bear

    Teo the Dreamy Bear

    Guide your little one to rest at bedtime with Teo the Dreamy Bear's peaceful stories, meditations, and dreamy music tracks.

  • My First Letters Book

    My First Letters Book

    Join the melody of learning with 'My First Letters,' a sing-along adventure through the alphabet and vibrant foods. Engage and explore the ABCs with foods and music!

  • Classical: Great Composers

    Classical: Great Composers

    Delight in an array of iconic compositions, spanning various genres and moods, showcasing the artistic genius of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and Vivaldi.