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The Little Owl Collection

Daytime & Nighttime in Nature

Ages 2-5
16 minutes
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Content Summary

Join Little Owl in a delightful series of adventures that's perfect for your little ones! 'The Little Owl Collection' is a charming collection that brings the magic of nature, the thrill of exploring, and the warmth of friendship right into your child's imagination!

In 'Little Owl's Night,' follow Little Owl as he explores the forest under the moonlight, meeting friends like Hedgehog and Skunk, and wondering about the daytime world he's yet to see. 'Little Owl's Day' flips the script as Little Owl discovers the bustling life of the forest in daylight, with new stories and fun for him to share with Mama Owl. When winter comes in 'Little Owl's Snow,' Little Owl and Raccoon see their world transform with the first snowfall - a whole new playground of discoveries! Lyrical and deeply heartfelt, Little Owl's Love is a love letter to the natural world on a child's level.


  1. Little Owl's Introduction (0:20)
  2. Little Owl's Night (3:21)
  3. Little Owl's Day (3:27)
  4. Little Owl's Snow (2:56)
  5. Credits (0:40)
  6. Little Owl's Love Introduction (0:12)
  7. Little Owl's Love (2:26)
  8. Dedication (0:08)
  9. Credits (0:29)

Learning Topics

  • The Beauty of the Natural World
  • Curiosity and Discovery
  • The Changing Seasons
  • The Differences Between Night and Day in Nature
  • The Value of Friendship and Love in Our Lives

Credits & Copyright

© 2011-2022 by Divya Srinivasan. ℗ 2018-2022 Penguin Random House LLC.

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