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O the Owl from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Stories about Friendship

Recommended for Ages 2-5

Total Runtime: 68 minutes

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"Hoo-hoo Hi, Neighbor! It's me, O the Owl. Do you want to listen to some nifty galifty stories with me?"

Enjoy more heartwarming stories from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood through O the Owl, a smart and curious friend who’s never seen without a book! In this audio experience, your child will engage with stories and songs to learn important social emotional lessons, such as how to navigate friendships, share, and self-regulate.

Inspired by Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Daniel Tiger focuses on helping young children connect with and make sense of the world around them. From regulating feelings when you don’t get your way, to navigating how to recover after making a mistake, Daniel Tiger, O the Owl, and other neighborhood friends are there to let your little ones know that big feelings are a part of life!


  1. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Theme Song (0:45)
  2. O the Owl: Finding a Way to Play on Backwards Day (4:04)
  3. O the Owl: Daniel Helps O Tell a Story (4:11)
  4. O the Owl: Calm for Storytime (3:50)
  5. O the Owl: Sharing at the Library (4:07)
  6. O the Owl: Daniel and O's Road Trip (4:25)
  7. O the Owl: Daniel's Birthday (3:23)
  8. O the Owl: Daniel Visits the Doctor (4:16)
  9. O the Owl: Daniel Shares His Tigertastic Car (5:01)
  10. O the Owl: O Builds a Tower (4:10)
  11. O the Owl: Daniel's New Friend (4:53)
  12. O the Owl: Miss Elaina Gets Hurt (4:00)
  13. O the Owl: Daniel Feels Better (3:51)
  14. O the Owl: Daniel Can't Get What He Wants (4:17)
  15. O the Owl: Daniel Makes a Mistake (4:06)
  16. O the Owl: Daniel Thinks of Others (4:42)
  17. O the Owl: Backyard Camping (4:20)

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