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Pudgy Pig

Fun Farm Songs

Ages 0-3
34 minutes

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Content Summary

Do your little ones love animals? 🐷 Well then Pudgy Pig is the perfect Craftie for them! Get ready for the jamboree with these wonderful adaptations of classic farm songs that will have the whole family singing and dancing — in English & Español!


  1. Old Mac Donald (2:19)
  2. Bah Bah Black Sheep (2:04)
  3. The Chicks on the Farm (1:28)
  4. Three Blind Mice (1:59)
  5. Turkey in the Straw (2:34)
  6. The Old Hen She Cackled (1:53)
  7. Racoon and Possum (1:36)
  8. The Farmer in the Dell (1:43)
  9. Five Little Ducks (2:09)
  10. Mary Had a Little Lamb (2:14)
  11. Pussycat Pussycat (:48)
  12. Pop Goes the Weasel (1:50)
  13. Over in the Meadow (1:45)
  14. I Had a Little Hobby Horse (1:24)
  15. Little Bunny Foo Foo (2:19)
  16. Little Bo Beep (1:06)
  17. Donkey Riding (1:27)
  18. Storypod Goodbye Song (1:05)

Credits & Copyright

Created by Grammy Winning Artists 🏆
Writing: Anita Katz
Music: Arturo Cabrera Brambilla

About Crafties

Crafties are lovable yarn audio characters that delight kids with songs, stories, and learning content when tapped on The Storypod ✨

Storypod Crafties are tested and appropriate for children of all ages. However, adult supervision is advised for all children under 3 years of age.