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Puss in Boots

A Know Your Body Adventure

Ages 2-4
46 minutes

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Content Summary

Explore body parts with Puss in Boots! From the head and neck to the shoulders, torso, back, arms, fingers, hands, elbows, legs, knees, ankles, and feet, children will become familiar with various body parts. Children will discover different clothing items, from hats and scarves to shoes, gloves, and even watches, that we wear on different parts of the body.

Join Puss in Boots and embark on a thrilling adventure that teaches children about clothing, body parts, teamwork, and perseverance. Listen to an exciting adaption of the beloved classic fairytale and learn how Puss in Boots got his name! Children can witness Puss in Boots’ determination to protect his town from an evil Ogre with the help of his loyal friend, Tino Fortunado. Embedded within the story are lessons on the importance of helping others, making good choices, and being responsible members of their community.

Puss in Boots will engage young learners through listening exercises, activities, creative movement songs, and storytelling; encouraging children to identify and learn about their own body parts and clothing while having fun.


  1. Introduction (00:25)
  2. “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” Song (01:59)
  3. Body Parts Movement Activity (03:21)
  4. “Here We Go Looby Loo” Song (2:15)
  5. Five Senses Interactive Activity (02:24)
  6. “All Our Senses Help Us Learn” Song (01:39)
  7. “Puss in Boots” Says! (“Simon” Says!) (03:32)
  8. Jokes (00:52)
  9. “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” (01:40)
  10. Body Part Riddles (01:20)
  11. Balance and Exercise Activity (03:16)
  12. “Hey Little Body, So Wiggly and Wobbly” Song (01:49)
  13. Fun Body Facts (00:30)
  14. Getting Dressed Interactive Activity (03:07)
  15. “Choosing Our Clothes for Each Season” Song (03:10)
  16. “Puss in Boots” Story Retold (14:26)
  17. Closing (00:28)

Learning Topics

  • Clothing Exploration
  • Body Parts Discovery
  • Teamwork and Doing the Right Thing
  • Overcoming Obstacles With Determination
  • Community Participation

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