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Rambee Boo's Snowed In Too!

Winter Playtime

Ages 3-5
5 minutes
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Content Summary

Everyone loves a snow day! Well… except Rambee Boo, that is. As his best friends, Rock and Sock, enjoy reveling in the winter weather, poor Rambee Boo watches from the window because he’s scared of the snow and cold. Will Rambee overcome his fears to join his buddies as they go sledding, make snow angels, and throw snowballs? Find out how encouragement and a warm cup of cocoa can make everything better when you have good friends by your side!

Enjoy this cozy winter story that will teach important social skills such as supporting your friends, building courage, and being a helper. Plus, your little one will love developing their language and literacy skills with the rhyming and repetition this heartwarming story offers!

An interactive Q&A session at the end engages young listeners and encourages imaginative thinking.

Learning Topics

  • Friendship
  • Winter Fun & Activities

Credits & Copyright

Writing: Reena Korde Pagnoni
Illustrations: Stephen Lomazzo
Mixing: Yamin Benarroch

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