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Sad Monster

Emotional Regulation Skill-Building

Ages 2-5
39 minutes

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Content Summary

Welcome to the world of Storypod's Emotional Learning Monsters, presenting our newest monster friend - Sad Monster!

Developed under the guidance of a Social Thinking® Teacher and Certified Speech Language Pathologist, our series delivers a captivating blend of stories, music, and activities that center on various emotions. This Craftie focuses on the emotion of sadness, aiming to help kids grapple with this big feeling.

Embark on everyday adventures with Sad Monster as they navigate the world. When Sad Monster starts to feel sorrow, especially missing their Grown-Up Monster when they go to work or school, insightful lessons, calming songs, and numerous strategies come to the rescue, aiding them in understanding and handling their feelings of sadness. Sad Monster assists kids in processing the feeling of loss, like when they misplace their teddy bear, and the array of emotions it incites.


  1. Introduction and "Sad Monster Theme" Song (2:20)
  2. Introduction of Grown-Up Monster and Sad Emotion (3:58)
  3. “Body Check-In” Song (1:53)
  4. Being Apart for the Day (5:08)
  5. “Together/Apart” Song (2:39)
  6. Getting to School (2:40)
  7. Show and Tell (2:39)
  8. “I Have Something Special” Song (2:31)
  9. Art Class (4:09)
  10. Reuniting With Grown-Up Monster (1:42)
  11. “Reunion/Coming Together” Song (2:02)
  12. Lost Teddy Bear/Help From Frustrated Monster (7:39)
  13. “Stoplight I Feel Lighter” Song (2:06)
  14. Feeling Better (0:57)
  15. “I Feel Better” Song (2:14)
  16. Storypod Closing Song (1:05)

Learning Topics

  • Recognizing signals of sadness for improved self-awareness
  • Emotional regulation techniques to handle intense feelings of sadness
  • Coping mechanisms when missing loved ones or experiencing loss
  • Practical songs to help navigate big feelings in the moment
  • How to empathize with others experiencing big feelings

Credits & Copyright

Co-Written by Jacki Rubin
Music by Scantic River Productions
Voice Acting by Greg Balla & Lina Marie
Recording, sound design, mixing and mastering by Scantic River Productions

About Crafties

Crafties are lovable yarn audio characters that delight kids with songs, stories, and learning content when tapped on The Storypod ✨

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