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Spike: The Penguin with Rainbow Hair

Discovering Self-Acceptance

Ages 3-5
5 minutes

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Content Summary

From the moment that Spike pecked through his shell, everyone was staring at him. Why? Well, with a rainbow mohawk, it would be hard not to! Spike just wants to fit in and embarks on a journey to try to make himself less noticeable. Join Spike as he tries everything he can think of to blend in.

A wonderfully cute tale about self-acceptance, Spike learns that he is special exactly for who he is. With beautiful illustrations, a heart-warming message, and Storypod's award winning production, your little one is bound to love this tale.

🧠 An interactive trivia session at the end of the book develops your little one's listening skills and cognition!

Pages: 27
Size: 8" x 8.5"

Learning Topics

  • Self-Acceptance & Confidence
  • Embracing Individuality
  • Overcoming Insecurities
  • Positive Self-Image
  • Listening & Cognitive Skills Development

Credits & Copyright


Writing: Sarah Cullen and Carmen Ellis

Narration: Sarah Cullen

Illustration: Zuzana Svobodova

Mixing: Yamin Benarroch

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