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Tex & Indi: Cow the Cat Stories

Purr-fect Pet Adventures

Ages 4-5
9 minutes
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Content Summary

Join Tex and Indi in heartwarming tales featuring their beloved pet cat, Cow! From giving Cow a bath to taking him to the veterinarian's office, Tex and Indi know how to take good care of their furry friend. They even write a special poem just for Cow! TheseĀ endearingĀ stories teach important lessons about sibling relationships, the responsibilities of pet ownership, and visiting the doctor or vet.

This book by Highlights is perfect for young listeners, engaging them with relatable stories and teaching valuable life lessons. Through Tex and Indi's experiences, children will learn about the love and care involved in taking care of a pet, the importance of family bonds, and the role of doctors and veterinarians in keeping animals healthy.

šŸ§  An interactive Q&A session at the end of the book further engages your child with the content while allowing them to express their opinion and use their imagination!

Pages: 32
Size:Ā 9" x 6"

Learning Topics

  • Sibling relationships and the bonds of family
  • Responsibility and taking care of a pet
  • Visiting the doctor or veterinarian for health
  • Expressing love and appreciation for animal companions
  • Creative expression through writing and poetry

Credits & Copyright

Writing: Lissa Rovetch
Illustrations: Amy Wummer

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