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The Dragons Love Tacos & More Collection

Hilarious & Memorable Mealtime Surprises

Ages 3-7
20 minutes
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Content Summary

Dive into the sizzling world of "Dragons Love Tacos Collection," an irresistible audio experience that serves up heaps of fun, imagination, and, of course, tacos! This delightful tale invites children and parents alike into a fantastical world where dragons host taco parties.

"Dragons Love Tacos" presents dragons with a love for tacos, but a serious aversion to spicy salsa. This tale isn't just about their favorite snack; it's a hilarious journey with an underlying message about the importance of paying attention to details and understanding differences.

The adventure heats up in "Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel." When the world faces a taco shortage, it's up to the dragons to save the day. Journey with the dragons on a hilarious time-traveling mission to save tacos from extinction. It's a wacky way to learn about problem-solving and collaboration.

The fun doesn't stop! "High Five" shifts the focus from fiery breaths to the power of a palm slap. This story is a celebration of competitions and camaraderie, teaching listeners about sportsmanship, recognition, and the joy found in simple, positive interactions.


  1. Dragons Love Tacos
  2. Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel
  3. High Five

Learning Topics

  • The Value of Preparation
  • Embracing Differences & Individual Preferences
  • Consequences of Actions & Choices
  • Building Friendships Through Shared Experiences
  • The Joy of Food & Sharing
  • Cultural Appreciation

Credits & Copyright

Text © 2012-2019 by Adam Rubin.
Illustration © 2012-2019 by Daniel Salmieri.
℗ 2019 Penguin Random House LLC.

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