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This is Music Collection

Exploring Drums, Horns, Strings & Voice

Ages 1-3
29 minutes
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Content Summary

Embark on a melodious adventure with 'This is Music Collection,' the perfect audio series to ignite your child's passion for music. Discover the vibrant world of the four main instrument families: drums, horns, strings, and voice. Each episode offers a captivating journey into music that combines fun, culture, and education.

This series begins with a friendly introduction to what makes each instrument unique. From there, your little ones will travel the globe, exploring diverse instruments and their enchanting sounds. They're invited to sing, clap, and play along, using their voices and whatever instruments they can find in their surroundings. The adventure culminates with an interactive listening game, where children guess the sounds of different musical instruments.


  1. This is Music: Voice: Intro (0:33)
  2. Dedication (0:08)
  3. This is Music: Voice (3:39)
  4. Bonus Track: Interactive Listening Game: What's that Sound? (1:06)
  5. Credits (1:20)
  6. This is Music: Strings: Intro (0:29)
  7. Dedication (0:06)
  8. This is Music: Strings (3:45)
  9. Bonus Track: Interactive Listening Game: What's that Sound? (1:12)
  10. Credits (1:12)
  11. This is Music: Horns: Intro (0:24)
  12. Dedication (0:08)
  13. This is Music: Horns (4:28)
  14. Bonus Track: Interactive Listening Game: What's that Sound? (1:15)
  15. Credits (0:52)
  16. This is Music: Drums: Intro (0:28)
  17. Dedication (0:07)
  18. This is Music: Drums (3:22)
  19. Bonus Track: Interactive Listening Game: What's that Sound? (1:15)
  20. Credits (1:02)

Learning Topics

  • Introducing Four Instrument Families
  • Defining Musical Instruments
  • Listening & Identifying Instruments
  • Encouraging Musical Exploration

Credits & Copyright

Text ©️ 2022-2023 by Rekha S. Rajan. Illustration ©️ 2022 by Tania Yakunova. ℗ 2022-2023 Penguin Random House LLC.

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