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  • A mother and toddler sit on the floor laughing and hugging as they listen to Craftie stories on their Storypod

    How to Support Your 12 Month Old’s Language Development With These Easy Phrases

    Is your 12 month old starting to copy your speech sounds, say simple words they’ve heard like, “uh-oh” or “dada”, understand easy instructions like, “let’s go”, register words for everyday items like “shirt”, or turn to look at sounds they hear? That’s wonderful! Those are language development milestones that occur at around 12 months.

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  • A doting father talks with his son as the boy is happily playing with his food.

    How to Strengthen Your Child’s Literacy Skills in Everyday Conversations

    Does your child ask you “what does that mean?” when they hear you talking to others? That’s fantastic! It means your child is developing strong vocabulary building skills. Vocabulary building is when your child knows the meanings of words, the names of things, feelings & ideas and is learning the meanings of new words.

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  • Seen from above, a mother reads to her two children clustered around her. The young boy points to pictures in the book.

    How to Strengthen Your Child’s Literacy Skills During Storytime

    Does your child point to shapes or pictures in the book during storytime? That’s fantastic! Pointing to shapes or repetitive images (like a drawing of a tree that's on multiple pages throughout the book) is a great indicator that your child’s brain is gearing up to learn more about letter knowledge. Letter knowledge is when your child understands that the same letter can look different (capital vs. lowercase letters), that letters have their own names (A, B, C, etc.) and that they represent sounds.

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  • A smiling mom and her two children sit together reading a story. One child points to words on the page and one follows along

    How to Strengthen Your Child’s Literacy Skills During Playtime

    Does your child like to play with books as if they’re toys? Great news! Your child is beginning their important journey on the road to “print awareness”! Print awareness means understanding that printed words and images hold meaning. Learning how to handle a book, the direction that print is read in, and the parts of a book (like the author, illustrator, and title) are important steps in your child’s print awareness development.

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  • A happy mother and son read a bedtime story together with a Storypod speaker and Craftie nearby

    How to Strengthen Your Child’s Literacy Skills With Bedtime Stories

    Does your child always ask for “just one more” bedtime story? That’s great news! Listening to stories can strengthen your child’s phonological awareness (one of the five elements of early childhood literacy) even before they reach school-age. Phonological awareness is a complicated sounding word, but it simply means: the ability to hear, recognize, and play with the sounds in spoken language.

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  • 7 Summertime Adventures and Activities for Kids and Families to Enjoy

    7 Summertime Adventures and Activities for Kids and Families to Enjoy

    It’s summertime! With your little ones out of school for the season, keeping them entertained and learning for months on end may seem like a daunting task. Here at Storypod, we understand. As financial stressors continue to be felt by families across the globe and many exhausted parents are struggling to navigate year 3 of the pandemic, we’re here to shine the light on some clever, budget-friendly, and easy adventures and activities!

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  • A child enjoying the Daniel Tiger Craftie on The Storypod

    Which Audio Speaker Is the Best Fit for Your Child?

    A perfect storm of factors has led to the rise of a new option for entertaining and educating children. More and more research has become available on the negative effects of excessive screen time on children’s brains. The pandemic has left many families scrambling for innovative and effective ways to support their children’s growth and development.

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  • Connecting Social-Emotional Learning, the Pandemic, and Great Children's Books

    Connecting Social-Emotional Learning, the Pandemic, and Great Children's Books

    As adults, our own lives and routines have been turned upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, our children’s worlds are being formed during this massive global change. What little routines many young children may have been able to establish in their lives pre-pandemic are different now. Change is a part of life, but we need to consider how to actively support the needs of our children in the midst of so much social change and upheaval.

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  • Balance Your Own Screen Time to Better Balance Your Child’s

    Balance Your Own Screen Time to Better Balance Your Child’s

    We all want the best for our kids. We want them to learn well, to be healthy, and to develop a strong sense of wellbeing that will guide them throughout their lives. It can be easy to forget how observant children are, after all: Everything is brand new to them. They are taking it all in and processing information about what shapes their world.

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  • Storypod Stages Diagram

    Listen, Learn, and Grow with Storypod

    Here at Storypod, we are parents, educators, and caretakers who are constantly looking for new ways to support our children's early childhood literacy development while keeping them engaged and interested.

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  • Screenless Parenting: How To Entertain & Educate Your Kids Screen- Free

    Screenless Parenting: How To Entertain & Educate Your Kids Screen- Free

    Parenting is a rollercoaster that loops its way through joy, love, and education. Every day you teach your child through action and language. Tactile games are useful tools to help your child learn new skills but with the continuous development of child-friendly computer and phone applications, children are now spending countless hours glued to their devices. It is easy to give your child your phone or iPad but it should not become a routine action in times when your child is acting out.

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  • How Do Screens Affect Children's Brains?

    How Do Screens Affect Children's Brains?

    Screens are amazing for a lot of things, but overexposure to them can have devastating effects for children. As screen time has skyrocketed, so have cognitive and behavioral issues like ADHD. So what effects do screens have on young children's brains?

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