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  • A game of hopscotch is etched in chalk on the pavement. Hopscotch is an easy backyard game you can play to help promote your 4-year-old's motor skill development.

    Backyard Games to Help Your Child's Motor Skill Development

    Learning and exercising is always better when you're having fun! As parents, we are always looking for creative ways to foster our children's development and help them grow into confident and capable individuals. One of the essential aspects of a child's early development is motor skills, which include both gross motor skills (using large muscles for movement) and fine motor skills (using smaller muscles for precise actions). Backyard games provide a fantastic opportunity for children to engage in physical activities while having fun and developing their motor skills.

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  • A little girl's bedroom contains a bed and plenty of displayed children's art. Your 5-year-old's bedroom should be functional, tidy, and have plenty of space for play and creativity.

    What Should My 5-Year-Old's Room Look Like?

    As your child reaches the age of five, their imagination and curiosity are blossoming, making their room a crucial space for exploration, learning, and development. A well-designed room can stimulate their creativity, enhance their cognitive abilities, and foster a love for learning.

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  • A father holds his 1-year-old daughter in his lap while reading her a book on an outside bench. Although 1-year-olds may not understand everything you are reading to them, they are gaining a lot from having a regular reading routine.

    What is My 1-Year-Old Getting Out of Storytime?

    Storytime is not only a delightful bonding experience for parents and their 1-year-olds but also an essential tool for their holistic development. Though it might seem that these little ones are too young to comprehend the stories being read to them, they are actually benefiting in numerous ways that contribute to their growth and learning.

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  • 4-year-old boy wearing a tie stands outside with his bookbag on. As your child starts traveling to and from school, it's important for their safety that they memorize their phone number and address in case of emergency.

    Take Steps Toward Your Child's Safety by Teaching Them to Memorize Their Phone Number & Address

    Teaching a 4-year-old child to memorize their address and phone number before they start school is an important step in ensuring their safety and giving them a sense of security.

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  • A pair of toddler hands complete a teddy bear puzzle. Puzzles are one of many quiet-time activities toddler will love to engage in.

    Quiet Time Activities with 2-Year-Olds

    From time to time, there are situations in which you need your little one to settle down and engage in some independent, quiet play. Toddlers are full of energy and curiosity, but even they need some downtime. Quiet time activities can be a great way to engage and entertain your 2-year-old while also promoting their cognitive and motor skills development.

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  • A pair of toddlers play pretend with a few basins of water and some dishcloths outside. Imaginative play is one of the many scree-free games you can play with your 3-year-old to boost learning!

    Best Screen-Free Learning Games for 3-Year-Olds

    In today's digital age, it is crucial to find ways to engage young children in activities that promote their cognitive, language, motor, and emotional development without relying solely on screens. As toddlers are naturally curious and eager to explore, incorporating screen-free learning games into their daily routine can have numerous benefits. These games not only aid in their growth but also foster stronger bonds with parents or caregivers.

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  • 1-year-old girl in a pink party dress cries out for Mom and Dad. Children can develop separation anxiety as early as 4-5 months and can last to 3 years of age, if not managed properly.

    Help! My 1-Year-Old Has Developed Separation Anxiety

    As your little one grows and explores the world, they may encounter new challenges along the way. One common hurdle for parents and their 1-year-olds is separation anxiety. If your child is showing signs of distress when you leave their side, don't worry! There are a few practical strategies to help you navigate this phase with patience and understanding.

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  • 2-year-old boy squats down to a box of colorful sidewalk chalk. Engaging your child in low-mess art projects are a great way to bond with them while practicing motor skills and exercising their creativity.

    Low-Mess Art Projects to Try with Your Toddler

    With their budding skills and eagerness to explore, there's no doubt your toddler would love engaging in art projects that will expand their creative horizons. The thought of messy materials and potential clean-up can make many parents hesitant, however. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-mess art projects that allow your little one to explore their creativity while keeping the chaos under control.

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  • 1-year-old girl sleeps in bed accompanied by her stuffed bunny. It's important to develop a healthy sleep routine for your child so they can reap the maximum health benefits.

    What Should My 1-Year-Old's Sleep Look Like?

    When it comes to your 1-year-old's sleep, establishing healthy sleep habits is crucial for their overall well-being and development. By understanding what a typical sleep pattern should look like for a one-year-old, you can ensure that your child gets the rest they need for optimal growth and learning.

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  • 5-year-old girl in a yellow dress and white hat bends over to pick some white flowers. Creating nature centered crafts is a great way to encourage your child to spend time outdoors while fostering their creativity.

    7 Nature-Centered Crafts Your 5-Year-Old Will Love

    Children are naturally drawn to the outdoors, and it's no secret that being in nature has many benefits for their physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Crafting with natural materials is a great way to encourage your child to spend time outside while encouraging creativity and imagination. Furthermore, it will help them practice resourcefulness, as it requires your child to consider available resources and think outside of the box when using them.

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  • 5-year-old boy sits with his feet on the desk and eats an apple. Teaching your little one healthy habits, like eating the rainbow, is important for their well-being.

    6 Healthy Habits to Teach Your 5-Year-Old

    Teaching healthy habits to your 5-year-old is an essential foundation for their well-being and development. By instilling these habits early on, you can help them grow into healthy, happy individuals.

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  • Toddler enjoying a read-along audiobook with her Storypod

    Creating a Positive Learning Environment at Home

    Your home is your child’s first classroom and you are their first teacher. The environment that you provide will determine how ready they will be to receive learning and expectations once they start school. It will also provide the foundation to how they approach life. Will they be organized? Will they be problem solvers? Will they be curious and well rounded? Studies show that these traits are heavily influenced by a child’s environment. Fortunately,  creating a positive learning environment in which your child will thrive is simple with a few intentional practices at home.

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